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Heading: Hospitality technology trend predictions for 2018 Posted On: 16 January, 2018

As technology evolves, hospitality accommodation providers are continuing to invest in cloud-based solutions, platforms and apps, and increasingly expanding on the installation of intuitive tools to streamline their working processes.

Andrew Metcalfe ,chief technology officer of leading global hospitality software business Guestline, considers the biggest technology trends that could shape the way hotels do business in the coming year.

Cloud-based technology to be the new normal

Where previously there was some fear of cloud-based technology for the core operations of a hospitality accommodation provider now we are seeing it becoming a mandatory factor in acquisition decisions.

In a growing technology ecosystem the remote access potential of cloud-based software means your partners for other business functions can easily help you create a compelling service offer for your guests.

When a system is under the reception desk it is a lot harder to make those services seamless. Likewise, other benefits of not being under the desk are the reduction of costs and headaches associated with maintaining production level servers and allowing focus on the core business of great experiences for guests.

Open APIs and integrations are the way forward

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