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Heading: INVESTOR VISA Posted On: 25 September, 2017

As H-1B Hopes Dim, Rich Families Eye ‘Investor Visas’ For Children

Families, especially those whose children are studying in the US, are increasingly making inquiries about EB-5 visas – also known as investor visas. As the H-1B work visas are getting difficult to come by for entry-level jobs, usually for freshly qualified individuals, investor visas have shot into the limelight.

For those keen on applying for EB-5, a move by the US government that has extended the due date for investments via regional centres – a significantly more popular mode of investment for obtaining the EB-5 visa – by a little over two months, from September 30 to December 8, has come to their aid. This is the second such extension in 2017, as the earlier expiry date of April 28 had been extended to September 30.

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