Canada Update

IMPORTANT: Booking an appointment with VFS Global to submit your Canada visa application and to enroll Biometrics is a free service.

Two way courier service for passport submission will continue as an option.

Passport submission will require a prior appointment VFS : WebForm (

Only applicants and accompanying family members can visit the visa application centres to submit passports and collect decision envelopes.

Canada visa applicants in India IRCC is no longer accepting expired Biometric Instruction Letters (BIL). Kindly ensure you have a valid BIL to visit the Canada Visa Application Centre to enroll biometrics. Once you receive the Passport request letter, you have 30 days to submit your passport. Administrative time for pick-up and delivery of passport to High Commission should be factored within the 30 days’ time.

To arrange for a courier for passport pick-up, you must use the VFS webform at Expired passport submission letters will not be accepted. Applications for applicants who do not submit their passports within the 30-day deadline will be refused for non-compliance.

Owing to the increased demand for travel to Canada, effective 1600hrs Friday, 17th December 2021 customers of the Canada Visa Application Centres (CVAC) in India will only be able to schedule biometric appointments by completing the appointment booking webform:

Prior appointment is mandatory to visit the Canada Visa Application Centre.

Customers will be required to bring the following documents when they visit the CVAC

  • The Biometric Instruction Letter (BIL) as received from IRCC
  • The completed VAC Consent Form
  • Copy of the VFS issued appointment confirmation email and/or SMS notification.
  • Passport/Travel document
  • 1 piece of Government issued Photo ID.

Important: The VACs will turn away clients if the name and Date of Birth on your appointment letter does not match your passport or travel document.

  • Owing to the surge of COVID cases in the country, the authorities are imposing strict guidelines, lockdowns, quarantine zones, night curfews across various locations/states. As a result of this, there may be a delay in pickup and drop of passports as against the stated time. Nevertheless, we request you to prepare your envelope / package for pick – up soon after receiving this message. Please expect a potential delay in your overall passport stamping process. Kindly book your tickets only after receiving the passport. We thank you for your understanding.

Please note, you must bring your Biometric Instruction Letter (BIL) to your biometric appointment along with your valid permit document to the VAC to confirm that you are a Student or a returning student.