Germany wants to make it easier for Indian IT workers to get work visa

Germany wants to make it easier for Indian IT professionals to get work visas, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Sunday.

“We want to make the issuing of visas easier,” he told reporters during a visit to the tech hub of Bengaluru.

This statement comes amid the country’s ongoing struggle with shortage of skilled labour. Faced with a tight labour market and a shortage of workers with key software engineering skills, some German companies are looking at thousands of layoffs in Silicon Valley as an opportunity to recruit top talent.

Germany has been improving its legal framework to make itself more attractive for software developers and those with IT development skills, the Chancellor said. This has been a priority for his government this year, he added.

“Aside from the legal modernisation we want to modernise the entire bureaucratic process as well,” Scholz said.

The government is simplifying immigration rules and dangling the prospect of easily-acquired citizenship to tempt skilled would-be immigrants, and regional authorities are pressing ahead.

He said that working in Germany won’t be a problem for even those who don’t speak the language. Those who speak English can learn German later, he said.

Scholz was speaking on the second day of his trip to India, after meeting with Prime Minister Modi.