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Heading: Global Talent visa: New system to keep UK ‘open to talented scientists’ Posted On: 28 January, 2020

Global Talent visa: New system to keep UK ‘open to talented scientists’

The Government has announced that a fast-track visa will open next month to attract the world’s leading scientists.

The visas will have no cap on the numbers of suitably qualified people able to come to the UK.

The announcement follows a pledge last year by the PM to turn the UK into a “supercharged magnet to attract scientists like iron filings”.

Researchers remain concerned about the uncertainty of the UK’s role in EU research programmes following Brexit.

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said: “The UK has a proud history of scientific discovery, but to lead the field and face the challenges of the future we need to continue to invest in talent and cutting-edge research.

“That is why as we leave the EU I want to send a message that the UK is open to the most talented minds in the world, and stand ready to support them to turn their ideas into reality.”

The new visa system will begin on February 20 and managed by the UK Research and Innovation Agency (UKRI), which funds government research, rather than the Home Office. This is to ensure that suitable applicants are quickly assessed and fast-tracked by those qualified to asses their scientific credentials, rather than immigration officials.

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