Pakistan high commission issues 96 visas to Indian pilgrims

The Pakistan High Commission issued 96 visas to a group of Indian pilgrims on Monday in order to facilitate their travel to the Shree Katas Raj temples in Chakwal district of Punjab.

Sikh and Hindu pilgrims from India visit Pakistan every year under the provision of a bilateral protocol on visits to religious shrines. Pakistani pilgrims also visit India every year under the protocol.

“The Pakistan High Commission has issued 96 visas to a group of Indian Hindu pilgrims for their visit to the prominent and sacred Shree Katas Raj temples, also known as Qila Katas, in Chakwal district of Punjab from December 20-25,” PTI quoted the Pakistani mission as saying in a statement.

It said the issuance of visas to Sikh and Hindu pilgrims is in line with the government of Pakistan’s efforts for facilitating visits to religious shrines.

The high commission said Charge d’Affaires Aftab Hasan Khan, on the occasion, wished the pilgrims a rewarding pilgrimage and underlined that Pakistan remains committed to preserving sacred religious sites and providing all possible assistance to the visiting pilgrims of all faiths.

The visit of the Hindu pilgrims to Shree Katas Raj Temple is covered under the bilateral Protocol on the Visits to Religious Shrines, 1974.