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Heading: Saudi Arabia and UAE News Posted On: 7 January, 2020

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Big and welcome news from Saudi Arabia and UAE

US, UK, Schengen visa holders are now eligible for Saudi visas on arrival.

The visitor, however, must have already used his US, UK or Schengen visa prior to arriving in Saudi Arabia

According to a source in the General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage, quoted by the state-run Saudi Press Agency, the move is a follow-on step to the kingdom’s recent implementation of tourist visas.

The source also said that a committee has been formed to identify goals and mechanisms necessary to implement the tourist visas.

Although holders of American, UK and Schengen visas will now be able to obtain a tourist visa on arrival, they are not eligible for the electronic visa system.

The tourist visa permits a stay of up to three months per entry, with visitors able to spend 90 days per year in the kingdom. The visa is valid for one year, and allows multiple entries. More details to follow.

UAE launches multi-entry tourist visas for all.

The United Arab Emirates on Monday introduced a multiple-entry visa scheme valid for five years for all nationalities, with the aim of turning the Gulf state into a tourism hub.

“The new tourist visa will be valid for 5 years and can be used for multiple entries and is open for all nationalities,” the Dubai Media Office wrote.

Sheikh Maktoum said on Twitter that the UAE currently attracts 21 million tourists a year.

Travellers from Africa, some South American countries, Arab states outside the Gulf, & European states from outside the European Union and former Soviet Union previously needed visas.

Another big change early next month will be the increase in the Schengen Country’s visa fee and all the Service Charges likely too.

We will keep you updated.

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