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Heading: Ukraine discontinues visa on arrival facility for Indians from January 1, 2019 Posted On: 17 December, 2018


Even though this news was splashed earlier by some travel companies, it was not in the Embassy website.

On calling the Embassy they also confirmed that they had no idea of such an ordinance.

However there is a line today on their official website which says….. 

The travellers are requested to do not count on the issuance of Visa on Arrival in Ukrainian airports since 1 January, 2019. 

The visa on arrival facility for foreign citizens including Indians will no longer be available with effect from January 1, 2019 as Ukraine has recently modified its legislation on visa regulations. According to the new Decree no 954 of the Cabinet of Minister of Ukraine, the rules of visa issuance of entering Ukraine and the transit have been modified.

We do advise Indian Nationals to take caution and be sure before they leave for Ukraine.




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