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The first ever VISA Service Provider, established in 1987, we started advising Travel Agents on documentation. This eventually started as newsletters and culminated in a Publication called “SOURCE”, which ran till 10 editions. The Travel Industry hailed Source as the Travel Bible. It won every possible award that is considered prestigious in the Travel Fraternity of India. We were selected as Role Models amongst 2000 Travel Agents at The Mosaic Conference in Barcelona.

With the advent of the Central Reservation Systems (CRS), which came into India in 1994, our publication was programmed as an Electronic VISA Package “Source”. This software is distributed by Amadeus and Galileo. Our data is beamed from Nice in France for Amadeus and from Sweden, UK, for Galileo.

Knowledge Process is an irresistible force, which takes over whatever comes up on the way and transforms it into a high value inventory. The Dot Com boom has seen many of the services go online and do a flourishing business, meanwhile serving the populace efficiently. Visa Services too found a refuge to this new age communication mode and IVS is probably one of the first ones again, to register its presence on the virtual world. www.ivsource.com is one place to find anything and everything about a VISA Documentation, Process, Fee and Applicable Forms, giving a common man that global edge, minus any hassles.

www.ivsource.com is one place where all your VISA worries come to an end. Just log on to the web site and gather the relevant information, download any visa form required. www.ivsource.com is accessible from any hemisphere, anywhere.

We provide content to almost all online Portals.

We have been outsourced for Spain at the IVS Visa Application Center for five years ending last November. We handled Greece and Morocco too and are still handling Israel. Our Company IVS Global has footprints in 18 Countries.

In recent years, we have added many new features to our web site. We are now accessible from any hand held device. This allows access to a random traveler on the move to download visa forms, get information on documentation etc all on his mobile.

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