Our Story

We were born out of an idea to curate and deliver all visa related information at one place. Since 1987, we have been making that idea a reality, and inventing better ways to proliferate the availability of visa documentation, guidelines and data to farthest corners of the country.

As the first ever visa service provider and documentation advisor for travel agents in India, we have stayed at the front of the game across numerous timelines and developments, be it launch of GDS (Global Distribution System) in India or dotcom boom or even ground-breaking technological advancements like APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). Our continuous and seamless services backed by innovative offerings was the reason why ivsource was also selected as a role model at The Mosaic Conference in Barcelona.

Today, ivsource stands with the community of travel agents of all sizes and varieties in offering top of the class visa related information and services through several channels, both online and offline. Our annual subscription brings the entire world’s visa information to the agents’ palms. A click from any corner of the country brings relevant visa details from the farthest corner of the world. That is the power of our idea, born 34 years back in time.

Latest News

VFS Update

In light of the latest Govt of Maharashtra order, all customers need to be fully vaccinated in order to be permitted entry into VFS Visa Application centre in Maharashtra. You …

Morocco Update

Embassy of Royal Kingdom of Morocco, due to rapid propagation of new Omicron variant of COVID-19 the Morocco Visa Service has been suspended till further notice.

Japan Update

Chennai – Jurisdiction Update Border of Japan will be closed for certain categories only. Among already issues visas certain categories visas are temporarily suspended. The applicants can directly get in …